Discovery Driven Planning for new ventures, products and services

New ventures are inherently uncertain—whether you're starting a new business, creating a new product or launching a new service. Reducing… View

Rethinking leadership and management to drive innovation

Businesses of all sizes struggle to balance innovation with business as usual. Although both activities are vitally important, it can… View

How to create corporate values and purpose

Have you ever wondered exactly what corporate values and purpose are or how to go about defining them for your… View

Introducing the Agile Strategy Planner

Our Agile Strategy Planner is a brand new tool that enables you to create a dynamic strategy. We've been using… View

The many faces of IoT (Internet of Things) in healthcare

From The Guardian to Cisco, big business to small, it seems that everybody is talking about the Internet of Things… View

Innovation Tools – Empathy Mapping

Good business demands an in-depth understanding of people: your customers, partners and other stakeholders. Empathy mapping is a fun and… View

10 ways a business leaks money like a sieve

Did you know that 75% of new leads never hear back from the business they contacted and office workers are… View

Innovation Tools Series: Photo Diaries

Uploaded to SlideShare a little while ago, we're finally catching up with ourselves on the blog, so here is the… View

Santa Global reveals tech secrets behind Christmas countdown!

Christmas specialist, Santa Global, has released a new online slideshow showcasing the technological innovations behind the Christmas build-up, which have… View

A short guide to organisational ambidexterity

You may remember that Matt wrote an article about organisational ambidexterity. In this SlideShare presentation, we take a look in more… View

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