Strategic Planning

Discovery Driven Planning for new ventures, products and services

New ventures are inherently uncertain—whether you're starting a new business, creating a new product or launching a new service. Reducing… View

Introducing the Agile Strategy Planner

Our Agile Strategy Planner is a brand new tool that enables you to create a dynamic strategy. We've been using… View

WaterAid is certainly big, hairy and audacious!

£52 million a month—that's not a small figure by any standard. And yet, as stated on a couple of leaflets… View

The wrong kind of time for strategic development

In February 1991, when British Rail claimed "the wrong kind of snow" was to blame for disruption to their services,… View

Ambidexterity: the skill every conqueror needs to master

I'm constantly amazed by the lack of focus that many organisations and managers have on the future. 'Now' seems to… View

An interview on design thinking

Earlier this month, I was contacted by Yisi Lu, a Masters student in MSc Marketing & Strategy at Warwick Business… View

The conversations you don’t want to have but really should

"Your business model has a limited shelf life and you'd better start looking at alternatives if you still want to… View

Beyond complexity lies simplicity

Browsing Twitter yesterday, I happened across a tweet that intrigued me. Following the trail, I found myself at TED watching… View

Fighting to survive: natural selection in business

There has been a lot of talk recently about businesses having to fight to survive, but is this really the… View

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